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Where Is God?

Once a king wanted to know answers to three questions about which he had been contemplating for a long time. One day the king raised these questions in his Court Hall. The questions were: 

  1. Where is God?
  2. In what direction does He cast His look?
  3. What does He do?

None could answer these questions.

The King then summoned with due honor a sage to his court. He asked the sage to answer these questions.

The Sage replied: “Like butter in the milk God is everywhere”.

To answer the second, the sage asked for a lamp. He lit the lamp and asked the King: “In which direction does this lamp shed its light?” The lamp sheds its light in all the directions” replied the king. The sage said “Likewise God is Effulgence itself and His vision is not directed to a particular place or person. He is all seeing.”

The king asked: “What does He do?” The sage said: “Since I am in a way instructing you in spiritual matters, I am in the position of a preceptor, you a disciple. So we have to exchange our places. Are you prepared for this?” The king agreed and came down from his elevated position and sat on the seat in which the sage sat. The sage said with a twinkle in his eyes: “This is what God does. He brings down the mighty and elevates the humble. He can make the poor rich and the rich poor. He can do anything. He is all pervading. He is all seeing and Omnipotent.”

The king was very much pleased with these answers. He expressed his gratitude to the sage and honored him in a fitting manner.

Like the king in the story, every one of us should try to understand the true characteristics of God: God is Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent.

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