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Wanting to know the truth about any subject is a lifelong pursuit. One of the problems with Bible study is that people quit prematurely; as the study of the Bible is very large and it takes time and effort to surround all the properties that are found in God’s Word. I have had the wonderful privilege of spending the past twenty-two years in extensive study of Apocalyptic Prophecy. It is so exciting every time I stumble across a new gem of truth; and, find it beautiful to behold …

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During the Great Tribulation, people will want serious answers about God. The answers will have to come from the Bible. Supplying these answers is the fundamental reason for my book, Earth’s Final Hours; Exposing The Rapture Myth. We must know for ourselves what the Bible says because war has been declared on us (Revelation 13:7) and if we don’t believe that, we will never be prepared for it.

My new book is written explaining Apocalyptic Prophecy in layman’s terms making it easy to understand even the most difficult topics such as:

  • Who Are The 144,000 of Revelation 7 and 14?
  • What Happens When You Die?
  • Is There REALLY a Rapture?
  • And, The Seven Trumpets

If you believe Jesus is coming soon, then preparation is imperative. No serious athlete begins their training two weeks before the main event is to occur. It takes years, and my new book will help you to prepare.

May God richly bless you as you study the Bible – God’s Road Map