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Could Jesus Predict His Resurrection?

How Could Jesus Predict His Resurrection And Not See Through The Portal Of The Tomb? While on Earth and prior to His death, Jesus knew that He had come to Earth to die “as the Lamb of God.” Jesus also knew that the Father had promised, before He came to Earth (Psalm 2), that if […]

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Beacons of Light

Several people have said to me in the past, when we were discussing the Bible, the only thing we really need to worry about is salvation, all the rest of the stuff like the mark of the beast, and prophecy and all those details really aren’t important at all. And I have to say that […]

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Methods of Interpretation

“Methods of interpretation” is a catch-all phrase that has a lot of bearing on the interpretation of Bible prophecy. The phrase “methods of interpretation” describes a set of ideas or a particular view in a person’s head before he starts to study and interpret prophecy. Methods of interpretation include religious views, spiritual presuppositions, scholastic assumptions […]

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The Four Rules of Interpretation

These rules are based on consistent behavior that recurs without exception throughout the book of Daniel [as well as the book of Revelation]. Rule One ~ Chronology Each Apocalyptic Prophecy has a beginning point and an ending point in time and the events within each prophecy occur in the order they are given. When the […]

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The Seven Trumpets – Past or Future?

Introduction: The purpose of this article is to address the claim that the seven trumpets occurred in ancient time; not as a document against anyone holding to a historical fulfillment of the seven trumpets. This paper is an attempt to address a claim that needs updating, refinement and clearer definition. Truth can afford to be […]

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