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Satan’s Greatest Deception

Apocalyptic prophecy predicts a series of coming events which are stranger than fiction. The world during the Great Tribulation will be a very different place than the world we know today. The Bible predicts a coming world order unlike anything people are anticipating. In a parallel way, the same thing happened in Noah’s day. No […]

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The Blood Covenant

The Bible says, if you are in Christ Jesus then you are Abraham’s seed and an heir according to the promise. Why would any Christian today want to be an heir of Abraham? What God promised Abraham was not just a little sliver of land in the eastern part the globe— that wasn’t what God […]

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A Man and His Death

“An infant is born with a clenched fist, but an old man dies with an open hand. Life has a way of prying loose our grasp on all that seems so important.” HOW DOES A GOOD MAN DIE? We are given numerous examples in the Scriptures which serve as inspiration to those who call themselves […]

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The Trinity – Three Gods

The Bible teaches that there are three Gods – God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. In this study, I give the reasons why there are three distinct Gods instead of the accepted Christian view of one God manifested in three ways. The Trinity is a controversial topic among Christianity I […]

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Are You Ready For Jesus To Come? Pt. 4

 Conclusion  The Parable of the Talents In Matthew 24, Jesus foretold events that would happen before His second coming. Then, in Matthew 25, He told three parables to amplify His warnings and these parables are intimately related to each other. For example, the foolish virgins in the first parable are represented as the worthless servant in […]

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